Choosing an R4 that suits your console can sometimes be a pain, to help you we have made this simple guide.

We offer several different types of R4 deivces including R4 Card, R4 SDHC Card, R4i SDHC Cards, R4i Gold Cards and R4 3DS Cards.

Each of these cards is designed to work with certain consoles and the newest cards are designed to work with all consoles.

Nintendo DS and DS Lite

Firstly the R4 and R4 SDHC cards work with the Nintendo DS and DS lite consoles, these can be found here.

Nintendo DSi and DSi XL

The R4i Gold and R4i SDHC cards work with the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL console, and they also work with the older DS and DS lite consoles. The R4i Gold cards can be found here and the R4i SDHC cards can be found here.

Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL

Finally  the best all round card is the R4 3DS card, this works with all Nintendo consoles on the market allowing you to choose one card that suits a wide range of consoles. These can be found here.